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Title: Autumn
Releasedate: 1998
Label: Arya-Amplexus, Italy
Format: CD
01: Last Heat 07:53
02: Flying Gees 12:03
03: Spooking Moor 05:51
04: Playing Wind 06:59
05: Autumn Sky 08:24
06: Dancing Fog 07:48
07: Dying Leaves 05:21
08: Rolling Thunders 11:03
09: Almost Winter 07:59


All music composed, performed and produced by Amir Baghiri (©Amir Baghiri, 1994 - 1997) Recorded and mixed at the Blue Box, Lemgo, Germany 1997, by Amir Baghiri. Published by Amplexus-Arya, Italy.
Amir Baghiri: addetive, fm and analog synthesizers, sequencers and sampler,didgeridoos, panjab flute, ney and ocarinas, dumback, frame drums, percussion programming, ambiente and groove creating, gongs and various chimes, stones, bullroarer and spiritcatcher, processors programming, distant voices and guitars, various shakers and rainsticks.
Guest artists: Melanie Baghiri, Malek Halime, Hamid Mercury, Gabriele von Hardenberg and Stadtrand Performance Bielefeld.
Skirling dust-devils start slow on 'Last Heat', but then pick up speed and dirt and brownish leaves to create the tribal, spiraling frenzy of the seasons beginning. Then, like that very time of year, it creeps down into a slow, going-to-sleep drone of woodwinds and played bowls, distant birdcalls for the track 'Flying Gees', as beautiful and subtle powerful as sunset over naked trees in the mountains. If you like Steve Roach at all, the tribal, colorful parts of his work, then Baghiri's work is for you as well. But not to say he's just like Steve Roach, he's just in that realm. There are many moments and patterns in this sublime natural ambient that make it unusual. I like the depth and mulitlayered aspect of Baghiri's 'Autumn'. It really does sound like being in the mountains of the East while Fall lays itself over the land.
© Manifold Records
The CD is dedicated to Woody Allen.

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